Oshkosh Public Library

Same but Different

Written By: Librarian - Jul• 27•21

The library continues to be open all day Mondays and every afternoon, Monday through Friday. With staff illness, family obligations and vacations, we usually have just one person working each day this summer and have had to close for an hour, here and there, because we didn’t have people available to work.

To make up for any time lost, Elaine has been opening the library at least two mornings per week and you are welcome to use the library then. If you see the OPEN sign and the lights on, please come in. Again, we will be open our regular hours plus a few mornings.

We apologize that we have been closed a total of about 3 hours during our regular schedule.

Regular hours: Monday 10-6

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 12:30-5:30


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