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October News Article

Written By: Librarian - Oct• 03•19

The Oshkosh Public Library has two big projects spread out in the library and thanks to some willing volunteers, those projects are getting done.

Ten years ago, Tony Newton took the time to map the Antelope Valley and Oshkosh Cemeteries.  He also did extensive work on the Kowanda and Catholic Cemetery records.  His maps and information are now in the library and we are trying to match them to the cemetery record books that we have.  It has been a difficult project but with the help of some other history buffs like me, we are almost done.  If you are interested, come to the library and I will try to explain the maps we have pinned on the walls.

We hope to be done with the cemetery project within the next month.  Some of the people who have helped us include George Zoucha, Doug Paulsen, Ardeen McCord, Jeanne Seibert, Tony Newton and Steven Carlton.  If it wasn’t for them and people like Mike Piva who can remember “who was related to who”, this important project would not get done.

Within the boxes and files of cemetery records, we found hundreds of old obituaries.  We also had a collection of old obits here in the library so our volunteers have been putting all of them together in alphabetical order, in big notebooks so genealogists can easily find the person they are searching for.  Why keep old obituaries in the library?  Because there is more family history in one obituary than there is in some of the online genealogy databases available here at the library.  An old obituary is a great place to begin a genealogy search because they list parents, siblings, dates, and places that aren’t always listed on government records.

The antique obituaries make for some interesting reading because of the word choices back then:  “The Doves of Heaven swept down…”, “Death knocked on her door last evening…”, “The Grim Reaper visited the home of…”, are phrases that we are glad we don’t see in newspapers anymore!

We had a great turn-out for author Andy Pollock’s presentation.  It was fun to visit with everyone about the Blizzard of ’49 and we are already planning a Blizzard confab here at the library.  People want to share their memories before this year’s snowstorms begin!

PASS THE WORD:  If you have LOCAL photos of the blizzard of ’49, please bring them to the library so I can quickly scan them and give them right back to you.  It will be nice to project them onto a big screen while people talk about each photo.

The library is in need of more TV series on DVD.  Do you happen to have DVDs that you watched and now they are gathering dust on a shelf?  There are a lot of people who don’t have television service but they do have a DVD player so they come to the public library and check-out DVDs of all types.  We are always in need of more DVDs and appreciate the generosity of all those who share with us.

I hope to have some important news to share with you later in October.  Until then, keep reading!


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