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Written By: Librarian - Dec• 04•19

Medical Librarian Will Research FOR YOU

I wanted to make you aware of a free service available to all Nebraskans:  CHIRS.  The Consumer Health Information Resource Service assists Nebraska residents or patients receiving health care in Nebraska, and their families, in finding information on health and wellness topics.

A medical librarian will research your health question and put together a packet of information specific to your needs.  The information will be sent to you for free by mail or email.  You can telephone the University of Nebraska Medical Center at 402-559-6221 or email them at

at askus@unmc.edu, or by filling out the online form at https://www.unmc.edu/library/consumer/index.html  I would be glad to help you do this at the library!

Remember our long-term cemetery project?

Terry Krauter is now the proud recipient of the cemetery maps, deeds, and information.  He is the person who can help you with your questions concerning the Catholic Cemetery, Oshkosh Cemetery and Antelope Valley Cemetery.  Doug and Wes Paulsen can help you with Kowanda Cemetery on the south table. 

St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Cemetery is being remapped by Rich Brehmer but should be done soon.  Rich, by the way, is the caretaker of all four cemeteries in the “Central Garden County Cemetery District” and is a wealth of information.  He enjoys the history in these locations and helped us at the library while we were trying to put all the information together for Terry Krauter.

Thanks to several volunteers, the Oshkosh Public Library now has a very large book of obituaries of Garden County residents.  The oldest obit is from the early 1900’s and the newest is from 2004.  We are not keeping current obituaries because we can easily find them online for you.  Why are we keeping obituaries at the library?  History!  Each obit lists information that can’t be found anywhere else and we don’t want to lose that information.  The obituary book can’t be checked-out but you are welcome to copy anything you’d like.  We are missing the obits of a lot of people so if you have time, stop at the library and I’ll tell you what we need in our collection!

Did you know that half of our library check-outs are now DVDs?  We have a collection of over 500 DVDs, ranging from Disney movies to current television series like Game of Thrones.  At least half of our collection are donated items.  We are always glad to get new DVDs and audio books and appreciate everyone willing to share with us!

Here is a list of DVDs we added to the collection recently:

Appaloosa, Bourne Legacy, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher:Never Go Back, CopOut, Dark Knight, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Complete Series, Emergency TV Series, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Intolerable Cruelty, Magic in the Moonlight, Phantom of the Opera, Robots, Triple Feature Westerns, You’ve Got Mail, and others.Come see us! And remember that Lewellen also has a great little library, right on main street.  Ruth Radke has a great collection of books including current bestsellers!  If you live on the east end of the county, stop in and see what’s new at the Lewellen Library. 


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