Oshkosh Public Library

Learn a New Language the FREE Way

Written By: Librarian - Aug• 17•20

The Oshkosh Public Library is excited to announce that we have subscribed to the MANGO LANGUAGE LEARNING PROGRAM. After researching many other programs, we decided this one is the easiest, quickest, and most complete system.
MANGO has over 70 languages to choose from including Spanish from Latin America and English from the U.S.
We tried the lessons ourselves and thought they were short enough to keep our attention, fast moving enough that we felt like our time wasn’t wasted, and made us speak the new language OUT LOUD so we LEARNED.

One of the best parts of the Mango Language Program is that you can put the Mango app on your phone and study anytime, anywhere!

To use the FREE program, we just need your email address and other basic info from you. You can stop by or email your info to oshkoshlib@gmail.com.

Look how short a lesson is: click on the app, choose your lesson, read and practice out loud several times, read the grammar note. You’re done with lesson one!


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