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Fun Title in Local History Collection

Written By: Librarian - Feb• 02•21

I was surprised to get a phone call from Oshkosh, WISCONSIN the other day.  It was a former resident who had spent most of his life in Wisconsin and he said he wanted to send something to our library.  When he said he thought our readers would enjoy his gift, he was correct!

Wayne Wallace, formerly of the Lisco area, has written a fun little book titled, LOOKING BACK, about his time growing up on a farm/ranch here in western Nebraska. Wayne  grew up in western Garden County and graduated from Garden County High School in the 1950’s. 

Wayne has done what a lot of us should do:  written down a variety of remembrances of his childhood.  I wish our library had a dozen books like his because they tell the real stories of life here in Garden County.  Wayne’s stories about the excitement of REA (rural electric) arriving on the farm, having goals to meet in 4-H, spending valuable time with his grandparents, and even fun little problems he had along the way, make for a short, enjoyable, important read, especially for history lovers.

Wayne’s book is proudly displayed in our John Piva Local History Collection and is available for check-out.  We hope LOOKING BACK will be an example of how to easily share your own history.  It’s so important to write or record your stories so future generations will really know and learn from your life!

We have all found at least one blessing that the pandemic has brought and the blessing of having time to sit and reminisce, as well as to read, are great blessings indeed.


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