Oshkosh Public Library

Library Policies

Written By: Librarian

Mission Statement:

The Mission Statement of the Oshkosh Public Library is to provide its community with library materials and services which inform, educate, enrich, and entertain. Free open and equal access to general information will be met for all segments of the population to make a positive difference.

Library Goals and Objectives :

To assemble, preserve, and administer organized collections of books, media and related educational and recreational material containing reliable, up-to-date information, along with the technology provided through public access computers.  To provide encouragement and opportunities for children, young people, men and women to educate themselves continuously.  To seek continually to identify community needs and to provide programs and services to meet such needs.   To contribute to the educational, civic and cultural activities of community organizations, agencies and institutions with appropriate services and information.  To provide opportunities for recreational and cultural enrichment through the use of literature, media, music, and other art forms.  To provide a place where inquiring minds may encounter the original, sometimes unorthodox and critical ideas necessary as stimulants in a society that depends for its survival on free completion of ideas.

Internet: The Oshkosh Public Library has three public internet computers with DSL and two laptops that can be used in the Library.   Each patron is given one-hour usage, and more time if no one else is waiting.  Our Computer Policy is posted on the bulletin board above the public computers and is expected to be followed by every user.

Circulation Policies

7-day checkout for DVD movies, cake pans and magazines

21-day checkout for audio books

21-day checkout for books

If no one is waiting for the item you have checked out, we would be happy to renew the item.

Ways to renew:

Bring items into the library for renewal

Call us at 772-4554

Email us: oshkoshlib@gmail.com

or log into your account and renew online.

Please return items in the library or drop off in the tan book drop (looks like a mailbox) outside the Library door.  All items can be returned outside in the drop box.

Fines for overdue items:

You have a six-day grace period after the stamped due date where no fines will be charged on all items checked out at the library (except for inter-library loans).  After the grace period has expired, fines accrue at $.05 a day beginning when the item was due.   (For example… one item seven days late would have a $.35 fine.)

Library Cards:

New to town?  We would love to offer you a Library Card.  Please bring your ID and proof of address to the Library, fill out a short application, and we’ll issue you a Library Card.  Children, 14 and under, need their parent/guardian to sign their application.

Your Library card will also work at the following libraries:  Arthur County Public Library, Bridgeport Public Library, Kimball Public Library, Gering Public Library, Gordon City Library, Grant County Library, Lyman Public Library, Morrill Public Library, Paxton Public Library, Rushville Public Library, Regional West Medical Center Library, and West Nebraska Family Research & History Center.