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“Boundaries with Teens” by Dr. John Townsend.  Excerpt from Page 10: “You may have an adolescent who, as a preteen, was more compliant and easier to connect with.  Or perhaps you saw seeds of trouble in your child’s preteen years, only to watch those seeds sprout when adolescence hit.  Or maybe your child doesn’t seem that much different, just bigger and stronger.  In any case, it all points to the reality that parenting teens is not like patenting at any other age, because children change dramatically during their teenage years.”


“From One Widow to Another: Conversations on the New You” by Miriam Neff.  “”Widow” is one title women do not want. But according to the Surgeon General’s office, 800,000 people become widows or widowers yearly in the United States alone. And when this happens, every aspect of life changes—like it or not, ready or not.  These changes add to the emotional roller coaster that most women experience after losing their husband. Miriam Neff understands the ride. As she struggled to understand and accept her new role after her husband’s death, she recognized the need for women to hear from others about their experiences and what helped them transition to this new stage of life.  From One Widow to Another offers practical advice for those facing the loss of a spouse. Drawing from her own loss, Neff walks with the reader through practical issues to a sense of encouragement.”


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