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The Oshkosh Public Library is located at 307 W 1st St.  We have over 13,000 items in our collection including books, magazines, cake pans, and movies.  With so many items in our collection, there is surely something for everyone.

The Oshkosh Public Library was started in 1921, and was located in the second story of the bank building.  The library was started with only 50 books.

Through the years it was housed in the Courthouse, the Consumer Building, and now at it’s present day location in the City Hall Building.

Oshkosh Public Library

307 W 1st St

Oshkosh, NE  69154


Hours:  Mon-1-5:30, Tuesday 10-6,  Wed-Fri 1pm-5:30pm,     Sat-Sun closed


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