Two additions to our history collection at the Library…

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“Wolves in Blue: Stories of the North Brothers and their Pawnee Scouts” by Dr. Jean A. Lukesh.  “A young adult quick reading biography of brothers Frank and Luther North and their Pawnee Scouts who worked with the U.S. Army to protect and rescue overland trail travelers, settlers, soldiers, and Union Pacific railroad workers during the 1860s and 1870s Plains Indian Wars and the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. Two of those Pawnee Scouts “shared” the first Congressional Medal of Honor ever awarded to a Native American. Includes photographs, timeline, index, select bibliographical references, critical thinking questions, glossary, and bold vocabulary terms in the text. Noteworthy Americans Quick Reader Biography Series.  This book just won Finalist status in the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the category of Teen Nonfiction and Finalist status in the 2012 Western Writers of America (WWA) SPUR Award in the category of Best Juvenile Nonfiction Book Award.” –from


“The 1931 Hastings Bank Job & The Bloody Bandit Trail.” by Monty McCord.  “In February 1931, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hendricks” and three others tied up fourteen employees at the Hastings National Bank and walked away with over $27,000 from the vault. They then returned home to plan a robbery of the First National Bank for the following day. Even though police quickly surrounded the house, the robbers managed to capture all eleven officers on the scene and make a getaway. Retired police lieutenant and historian Monty McCord recounts the crime and the grisly aftermath in the first account of the heist ever to be published.”  –from

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