Pick-A-Book, Pick-A-Pumpkin Contest

We had our pumpkin contest again this year.  Today we will be announcing the contestants and winners.

Ages 0-5 (Group 1)

1st place: Entry #2, Tansy Assmann “Where’s Boo?” by Salina Yoon

2nd place: Entry #1, Mac Sissel “Read Steady Ghost” by Elizabeth Baguley.

Mac Sissel and Jayla Paulsen tied

2nd place: Entry #5, Jayla Paulsen “Frozen” by Disney

Honorable Mention: Entry #3, Caysen Robertson “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” by Linda Williams

Honorable Mention: Entry #4, Quinn Robertson “Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze” by Maureen Wright

Ages 6-9 (Group 2)

1st place: Entry #2, Jennifer Zambrano “A Dream for a Princess” by Melissa Lagonegro

2nd place: Entry #1, Alex Sissel “Meet the Monsters” by Simon Beecroft

Ages 10-12 (Group 3)

1st place: Entry #1, Melissa Zambrano “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw” by Jeff KinneyIMG_1016[1] IMG_1018[1] IMG_1020[1] IMG_1022[1] IMG_1024[1] IMG_1026[1] IMG_1017[1] IMG_1019[1] IMG_1021[1] IMG_1023[1] IMG_1025[1] IMG_1027[1] IMG_1028[1] IMG_1029[1] IMG_1030[1] IMG_1031[1] IMG_1032[1] IMG_1033[1] IMG_1034[1] IMG_1035[1] IMG_1036[1] IMG_1037[1] IMG_1038[1] IMG_1039[1] IMG_1040[1] IMG_1041[1]


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Take a look into week 4 Gravity

IMG_0827[1] IMG_0877[1] IMG_0865[1] IMG_0856[1] IMG_0885[1]

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Week 3

624 600 582 613 614 615 616 601 602 603

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Week #2 some pictures of Summer Reading program

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BLAST of fresh air

IMG_0717[1] IMG_0606[1] IMG_0666[1] IMG_0716[1] IMG_0675[1]

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FIZZ BOOM READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a BOOMatic first day.  A lot of kids came out to enjoy bubbles.  It was so much fun!!! Hope to have this great of a turn out the rest of the program.  Thank you to Mary Lutz and Tasha Clark for helping out this afternoon!!! We really appreciate it!

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