You are invited to a Library program on July 17th!

Cherrie Beam-Callaway has been a storyteller and educational speaker for 36 years. She is one of the most requested Humanities speakers and travels statewide having taught over 100,000 children and adults. She is a 5th generation Nebraskan with twelve sets of family, which includes 5 sets of grandparents that homesteaded in western Nebraska. One of her fondest childhood memories is staying in her grandparents sod house.

Come here Cherrie as she performs and storytells what it was like to be a Nebraska settler in the late 1800s:  Tuesday, July 17 at 6pm at the Oshkosh Wesleyan Church (white steel Church building west of town on Hwy 26).  Open and free to the public!  (Appropriate for 3rd grade through adult).


Everybody has the BLUES from time to time….

“Blue” titles available for checkout at the Library:  Bluefish, The Bluest Eye,  Bluestem,  Blueprints, The Blueberry Shoe, The Blue Zones Solution, Blue Whales, Blue Water Creek & the First Sioux War, Blue Train, Blue Smoke, Blue Sky, The Blue Nowhere, Blue Heaven, Blue Book of Gun Values, The Blue Bistro, Blue Lily, and the ever popular, Blue.


What would you invent??

Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, the twelve-year-old CEO of Sure Things, Inc. and genius inventor of the All Ball, a ball that turns into different sports balls with the push of a button. Now Billy wants to help other kids achieve their inventing dreams just like he has!

So Billy is hosting an online contest for other kid-inventors to share their inventions, and the winning submission will be produced by his company. Ideas like the Sibling Silencer, No-Wash Socks, and a pencil that does all your work start pouring in. With so many great ideas, how is Billy supposed to pick a winner?    ~Find this book in the kids section at the Library!~